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Conny Méndez

Conny Mendez

Juana María de la Concepción, commonly referred as Conny Méndez, was born on 11 April 1898 in Caracas, Venezuela, and died in Miami, 26 November 1979. She was a composer, singer, writer, caricaturist, actress and metaphysican.

Her parents were the poet Eugenio Méndez y Mendoza and Lastenia Guzmán. Her primary and secondary schooling was in Caracas and New York City. In New York, Méndez studied plastic arts at the Art Student's and music in the New School of Music. During the 1920s, she returned to Caracas, and collaborated as a writer and caricaturist in different magazines and newspapers, including El Nuevo Diario, Elite and Nosotras. These cartoons were collected in the work Bistury: Album de caricaturas (1931).

In 1946 Méndez founded the Christian Metaphysics movement in Venezuela, under the influence of Count Saint-Germain. During the first years of the 1950s, she worked as an actress in Camas separadas of Terence Rattingam, directed by Horacio Peterson at the Caracas Theater Club. In 1955 she published her autobiography titled Memorias de una loca (Memories of a crazy woman) and in 1967 her book Del guayuco al quepis. However it was in the field of composition and musical interpretation, where she did her more fruitful work. Her folk and popular music included more than 40 compositions, like: Chucho y Ceferina, La Negrita Marisol, Venezuela Habla Cantando, and many others.

The last years of her life were exclusively dedicated to the study of Christian metaphysics. In 1977 she published a series of works about this topic, among them: Metafísica al alcance de todos (1977) and Misterios develados (1979).

Conny Méndez died in Miami, 26 November 1979.

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