Sunday, October 21, 2012

Anselmo Lopez

Anselmo Lopez, also known as the King of Bandola and/or Mandolin, was born on April 21, 1934 in Chaparrito, Barinas, Venezuela.  “The Bandola is one of many varieties of small pear-shape chordophones” (Wikipedia) or an instrument that makes sound by way of a vibrating string or strings stretched between two points.  It is primarily found in Venezuela and Colombia.

Anselmo Lopez first took interest in music when he heard the harp and the cuatro.  But his true love for music starts when he held a mandolin in his hands the very first time at age 12.  Since then, he has been devoted to extracting the best melodies of the instrument.  His first appearance with the mandolin was in Fiesta Criolla program broadcasted by Radio Barinas, in 1963.  From there, he began a career upward, along which he recorded over 75 albums, 27 LP and  7 cd’s.

His love of music encouraged him to teach courses on executing or playing mandolin at universities and schools.  He also worked in the Ministry of Education programs designed to spread awareness of the mandolin.  The Venezuelan star has participated in major national and international festivals and has performed at renowned scenarios in Cuba, Panama, the United States, Colombia, France and Spain.  He has also made acting appearances in the movies The King and the mandolin, Doña Bárbara, One People and Water Blood.  Some of his works includes Alborotao, Bandola of Chaparrito, espellejao Carnival, The Hawk Cousin, Galerón Barinas, The Catira Old, My Nostalgia is a Rope, Remembering Portuguesa, San Lorenzo, My Old Dear, Three Ladies, You took my love , Buzzer.

1968 Viajando Al Llano
1970 Raudales De Mi Región
1972 Bandola Quitapesares
1973 Bandola Internacional
1974 Arpa y Bandola
1975 Cimarrón
1976 Esta Es Mi Bandola
1976 Bandola Del Llano Adentro
1977 Lluvia En El Llano
1980 Folklore Puro
1981 Bandola De Chaparrito
1982 El Rebusco Con Bandola
1982 Anselmo López Vol. 1
1982 Anselmo López Vol. 2
1982 La Cruz De Mayo
1982 Instrumentales Criollos
1983 Recio
1997 Clásicos De Oro
1999 16 Grandes e Inolvidables de Anselmo Lopez Vol. 2
1999 La Mejor Bandola
2007 El Rey De La Bandola



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