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Juan Vicente Torrealba

Juan Vicente Torrealba was born on December 20th, 1917 in Caracas, Venezuela.  He is known for playing various instruments, especially the harp, which has become his passion.  At a very young age his parents settled in Camaguán, Guárico state, in the heart of the Venezuelan plains.  This is where he learned to play guitar, cuatro and later the harp, an instrument that has accompanied him since he was 16.  He started giving public recitals at age 18 but “feeling that he would never reach the standard to which he aspired” (Wikipedia), he started working as a bookkeeper for a newspaper.

In 1947 he formed his own musical group called “The Torrealberos”, which included his brother Arturo, his nephew Santana Torrealba Leon, and vocalist Ángel Custodio Loyola.  In 1948 he returned to Caracas, where his reputation as a folk musician took him on tour through different locations both in America and in Europe during the 1960s and 70s.  In 1971 he recorded the Rhapsody llanera with a full orchestra, and continued incorporating improvements in the sound of his harp with addition of keyboards and electronic amplification. 

In 1978 Torrealba dissolved his group and created a dance orchestra in which he experimented with salsa.  It was called the Juan Vicente Torrealba and his Super Beat 80. In 1981 he signed with the label Torrealba Sonográfica , with which he made his last recordings before retiring from music in 1986. Among the reasons was the lack of promotion he felt towards folk music. 

During his career he recorded some 130 albums and composed more than 300 songs.  Among the numerous awards and recognitions received, Torrealba was appointed Honorary Professor Military Academy of Venezuela , Cultural Heritage of Universal Music by the Colombian department of Meta, and in the Mexican city of Xalapa a square, a street and a park bear his name


195 -The purest music and Bella VzlaLargo Bank BL500
195 -The purest music and Bella VzlaLargo Bank BL501
195 -The purest music and Bella VzlaLargo Bank BL502
195 -The purest music and Bella VzlaLargo Bank BL504
195 -Symphony Del PalmarLargo Bank QBL1201
195 -Reasons LlanerosLargo Bank QBL1202
19 -Concert In The Plain Vol.1Largo Bank QBL1204
19 -Serenata LlaneraLargo Bank QBL1207
19 -PeasantLargo Bank QBL1209
19 -Concert In The Plain Vol.2Largo Bank QBL2204
19 -Concert In The Plain Vol.3Largo Bank QBL2207
19 -Concert In The Plain Vol.4Largo Bank QBL2206
19 -The golden age of TorrealberosLargo Bank QBL2210
19 -Harp SolosLargo Bank QBL2212
19 -Rhapsody LlaneraLargo Bank QBL2214
19 -Alma LlaneraLargo Bank QBL2215
19 -Concert In The Plain Vol.5Largo Bank QBL2216
19 -Concert In The Plain Vol.6Largo Bank QBL2217
19 -Stampede ElectronicsBASF (10,002)
19 -I wouldBASF (10,004)
19 -Suenos Del LlanoBASF (10,009)
19 -Summer RangerBASF (10,038)
19 -Maria TeresaBASF (10,040)
19 -Al Son De Juan VicenteBASF (10,047)
19 -ConticinioBASF (10,050)
19 -Stampede Electronics Vol 2BASF (10,052)
19 -MexicoBASF (10,054)
19 -Aragua and LlanoBASF (10,056)
19 -Flights ImmortalsBASF (10,057)
19 -ColombiaBASF (10,058)
19 -Torrealberos ClassicsBASF (10,059)
19 -Caribbean MusicBASF (10,060)
19 -Ranger IBASF (10,063)
19 -Alma LlaneraBASF (10,075)
19 -Celebs TorrealberasBASF (10,081)
19 -Venezuelan Waltzes Vol 1------
19 -Venezuelan Waltzes Vol.2------
1975Al Son De Juan Vicente (Vol. 3)BASF
1977Italy In Rhythm TropicaleBASF
1997To the sound of JVT Vol 1 (CD Reissue)Sonogram
1997Colombia (CD Reissue)Sonogram
1997Mexico (CD Reissue)Sonogram
1999'm Ranger Vol.1 (CD Reissue)Sonogram
1999Conticinio (CD Reissue)Sonogram
2001Aragua and Llano (CD Reissue)Sonogram
2001Caribbean Music (CD Reissue)Sonogram
2001Venezuelan Waltzes (CD Reissue)Sonogram
199618 Greatest HitsSonogram
200140 Years 40 HitsVelvet

Appears on:
1972       Maria Teresa Chacin                                                       The Paraulata



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